Microsoft dividend

Last dividend data for Microsoft:

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Exdate for msft was: 2021-11-17
Record date for msft was: 2021-11-18
msft dividend was payed on: 2021-12-09
Dividend amount is 0.62 USD. The dividend will be paid quarterly.
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Pfizer CEO Predicts Life On Earth "Will Return To Normal" In The Spring

Pfizer CEO Predicts Life On Earth "Will Return To Normal" In The Spring Just a few days ago, Bill Gates shared some of his (revised) thoughts on the COVID pandemic and the trajectory that omicron has left us on. Several weeks after warning that omicron''s heightened infectiousness might send the pandemic into overdrive , the Microsoft founder postulated instead that omicron might hasten the end of the pandemic by leaving the human population with more antibodies against the virus. As a result, SARS-CoV-2 might enter its endemic stage more quickly, Gates suggested. This view, that the end of the pandemic might finally be at hand after two years of suffering, has become increasingly popular as of late. Take this piece from the BBC : "Endemic COVID: Is the pandemic entering its endgame?". While the piece mostly focused on the UK, the sense is that the developed world more broadly is closer to the end because of its access to vaccines. So, is a new Covid-era truly imminent and what will that actually mean for our lives? "We''re almost there, it is now the beginning of the end, at least in the UK," Prof Julian Hiscox, chairman in infection and global health at the University of Liverpool, tells me. "I think life in 2022 will be almost back to before the pandemic." What''s changing is our immunity.

Source: Zero Hedge